Our Business Model

Our business was founded based on the belief that optimising resources could resolve the most common problem in the FMCG international markets function – the lack of budget and business authorisation to formally expand into potentially lucrative, but difficult to navigate, markets.


  Full time staff required

  Representative office and other costs to maintain market presence

  Need for in-house knowledge to assess brand viability, market opportunity and distribution channels

  Need to send staff to trade shows and manage sales queries relating to expanding distribution


  No fixed staffing or infrastructure costs in market

  Representative office and staffing provided as needed

  Experienced FMCG marketing and distribution experts advise on market entry and brand distribution strategy

  Trade shows, brand sales and distribution expansion managed by on-demand team

We enable clients to establish a foundational presence in a market and hit a baseline of sales volume, and subsequently help them to prioritise the market, invest, and scale their growth through on-going brand management.

Acting as a regional seconded office, we treat our clients’ brands as our own, and nurture them to maximise their growth potential. We deliver results by helping our clients to increase product volumes sold, geographic reach, optimise budgets and resources, and provide focused ‘boots on the ground’ in difficult and complex markets.

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