Our Brands and their journey...

We help FMCG brands to establish a foundational presence in a market, and then hit a baseline of sales volume that allows them to prioritize the market, invest and scale their growth through on-going brand management.

The Imagine team deliver guaranteed results including an expansion of geographic reach,

the optimisation of budgets and resources, and a set of ‘boots on the ground’ in difficult and complex markets.

We offer seven core services to clients.

Market Assessment and Strategy

Reviewing the existing products available within the category (on shelf) and adapting a strategy to match the same.

SKU Optimization

Having the right product range for the right market, in other words having the assortment to match the consumer preference in each of the countries.

Market-specific Product Development

Liaising with the brands to create products specifically for that market or channels... an example, creating a 1USD product for the mass channel to reach a lower price point.

Distributor Vetting and Management

Recruiting the right distributor partner based on the brand criteria and managing this customer ongoing i.e setting KPI's managing invoices, targets, promotions etc.

Trade Negotiations

Liaising with retailers and distributors to gain more for our brands.

Direct to Retail

Cutting out the distributor layer between manufacture and supermarkets... we manage the sales from factory to shelf directly.

Food Service

Our Food Service Team support the ‘Out of Home’ channels by speaking the ‘Chef’s Language’. Working alongside the brands and distributors we forecast, create opportunities and manage different facets of the HORECA categories. Whether you’re a hotel, bakery, restaurant or other food outlet we have the vision and background to support you.

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