Our Values

At Imagine, we have a strong business culture that helps us as individuals to complement each other and work the best together – for ourselves and for the clients and brands that we support. Here are some of our favourite values – the ones that make Imagine what it is today:


If you don’t love something, you can’t give 100%. We are passionate about the world of FMCG – and have dedicated our professional lives to it. We are also passionate about supporting each other, and about achieving the best results for our clients. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and drives our love of the job.

Quality Service

Imagine is a services business, so that makes quality service and building long-term relationships with our clients pretty critical. We are relentlessly focused on providing excellent client service, and we nurture the brands we work with brands as if they were our own.


Honestly is important, because you cannot be a trusted partner without it – it’s that simple. We are transparent and open in the professional relationships that we have and always seek to give honest advice to our principals and deal fairly in the business we do.


We are committed to our principals, each other and to the disruptive and innovative vision of Imagine as a business. We always stay true to helping and supporting each other as a team and engage with our principals in a positive and professional spirit that conveys our dedication to their business.


The ability to work well together is a critical enabler of great work. We believe that the better you are at collaboration, the more our principals will benefit from better service, ideas and creative strategy.


We are a fun-loving bunch, embodying the work hard/play hard mentality. Working is only truly rewarding if you enjoy the time you spend doing it and have a laugh with colleagues and clients.


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